There are only 2 links here, the first another team build for a similar pay plan to the one for Prosperity Marketing System.

The only difference is its $10 a month + Admin fee of $1.25 for a total of $11.25 and pays $10 a month commissions. However, it offers some great and much needed tools for marketing all included in the fee. 

The program is called All In One Profits (AIOP) and again only needs 4 referrals to make BIG money with 2 and 4 passed up.

The link to join is below and once you have joined and upgraded please send your link that looks like this....
to with the subject PMS LINK and you will be added into the team build rotation for leads.

If you don't have the funds yet wait until you have 4 students in PMS and then use the income there to open up this additional income stream, after all $10k a month is better than $5k a month for the same effort!

The other link is to our sister site where there are many FREE income streams and some great ways to get referrals....

Join the ITSFREE.CLUB by clicking the"Join Now" button in the members control panel  Company Settings and then...

add your username in the 'Affiliate ID' box and click the 'Update Settings' button (see image below)  so that all your referrals to this site follow you into the many income streams in the Its Free Club.






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