This is a way to get anything from $15 to $50 a month doing NOTHING!

Nothing that is after you just add the app to your computer.

I have it on my PC and since November 6th 2019 (when I added it) till today 22nd December 2019 I have received $47.52!

Here's the link

I only have it on one computer but you are allowed upto 3 devices (computers/smartphones) per IP address.

The more devices you have and the longer they are open and connected to the Internet the more you will make!

You can use the cash any way you want, buy a Pizza or go to a Movie, but in honesty this will not change your life unless you take this cash and leverage it using our team builder.

You only need $12 a month to make a fortune (watch the video on the Home page) but don't wait for this to pay out even if its only 2 weeks to make $20 (minimum withdrawal).

Join today, upgrade today, get added to the team rotator today and start referring people to this site today!

If you seriously and honestly don't have $12 then you'll have to wait but why waste time?

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